Monday, April 22, 2013

Gullible's Travels: Day Three

MacInnis Homestead

Had a nice sleep in till about 8AM and then started a busy day of sightseeing the coastal area between Fanny Bay and Courtney/Comox.  This area is both old and weathered because it was once the heart of a booming lumber industry and coal mining so there are lots of traces of these industries in the countryside and in the layout of the towns.  However, now the area is home to a large senior population and immigrants from Alberta (so I'm told) who have sold off their lucrative land rights to oil companies and other speculators and walked away with a ton of money. Why not?  These costal towns are wonderfully safe, cozy and picturesque with the sea in front of them and the incredible snow capped majesty of peak upon peak of the BC mainland mountain range.  
Beaufort Range of Vancouver Island
Then behind them rise the stunning Beaufort Range of mountains that are the spiny backbone of the island.  The atmosphere is both wildly pristine and modern with all the latest technology available and Comox just to the north is home to the regional hospital as well as the Air Force base.

Hilary and Bruce took me to their first home here on the island in Royston just south of Courtney where they lived and raised the two boys right on the sea shore.  With good reason my nephew Stuart declared that he would never leave this kind of natural beauty behind for the big city lights…and pollution, crime and crowding.  

Speaking of Stuart one of the highlights of the day was meeting this wonderful giant for the first time in person.  We had a lovely lunch together at a local pub near their old house in Royston and, true Canuck hockey fan that he is, he presented me with a Vancouver Canuck #33 hockey jersey (H. Sedin, the captain.)  My grandson Anthony and he would have a wonderful time dissing one another's teams and loving it.  He also presented me with a Vancouver prof soccer shirt. I am looking forward to spending more time getting to know both Stuart and Grahamme when we are returning to Victoria next Sunday.
Hilary and Bruce at the bird sanctuary in Comox looking back at the Island interior.

Saw lots of the sites and panoramas surrounding Courtney including a distant shot of the glacier that sits high above the Comox Valley.  Even better views of the mainland coast and majestic peaks that line the horizon.  The Royal Canadian Snow Snowbirds are practicing out of the Comox Air Base and are a sure harbinger of spring for the locals.  Hope to see their show tomorrow.  They are Canada's ace pilots who perform with remarkable precision all over the world like the American Blue Angels.

Also took a walk on my own down to the beach at low tide.  It is all rocks and boulders, no pretty sand beaches stretching for miles.  Loved the walk through the pine forest along the shoreline. The air is so pure and scented with heavenly pine perfume.  Sleeping come easily after a long day in the car and walking around this lovely neighborhood.  Spring is beginning to pop up everywhere although it is still early.  Temps are in the low to mid-50's during the day and down to the upper 30's at night. Find myself wearing a sweater all the time, glad I packed it.
Background Beaufort Range

Brook Emily runs near home.

Hilary's artist friend created this Ocean garden.

Sign explains the Ghost Ships of Royston

Ghost ships sunken as barrier reef

Another perspective on Ghost ships


About SISTAHS: said...
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About SISTAHS: said...

Loving hearing about your adventures, sounds like a wonderful place and so great you're getting this time with you sis and family. Soak it all in!
See you soon~

Amy Bascom said...

What a beautiful place! Am enjoying following your progress, thanks for sharing. We miss you but I'm so glad your getting this chance to reconnect with your sister and her family and to spend some time out in nature.
Love you,
Amy, Jack and Abby

Ginny Braun said...

I don't know how I missed this link. So glad you told me about it last nite and e-mailed it to me! Obviously you are happily visiting with the family, exploring the area, and trying new things like shucking oysters! Such a beautiful place! Ling-Ling keeps looking for you, especially when we go outside. The first 2 days she ate almost nothing, but we are doing fine. Enjoy every moment and call when you can. Love of course, Ginny