Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Journey to the Dark Side 2: The Good, the Bad, the Confusing

Right now the biggest hurdles I have are:
Getting used to the new environment both on the keyboard and on the desktop.
Frustration with not being able to: Sync up my old computer hard drive and get my working files on to the new machine...Being unable to sync my BlackJack phone with all my contacts and calendars to the machine...and not having any phone support.
Let me elaborate on that last point: the benefit of AppleCare is that you get direct phone help and quick turnaround on any repairs from Apple. I really overestimated my ability to figure out this machine when I bought the Micro Center coverage which was also more expensive because of the accidental coverage. The result: I am going to drop the Micro Center coverage and go with the AppleCare. I need help and lots of it!
Finally I am concerned that my hard drive is not big enough to handle both of the operating systems and leave room for files. 120 Gigs gets mighty small when you cut 40-50 Gigs out for Vista on Parallels leaving just 80 Gigs for the Mac System.

Next time around I’ll talk more about the switch to AppleCare and .... maybe even an iPhone!

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